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We live in a paradoxical society where a lot of people want to fit in and be special at the same time. An impossible balancing act. But you don't have to try or change in any way. Just be your awesome self and let your inner unicorn rock your world.

Unicorns are special. They are magic, unique and simply fabulous creatures! Unicorns represent the crazy adorable people, that make life worth living.

myunicorn.rocks initially was created from the simple desire to bring more colorful and funny things into our lives. But I did not want to create tame little horses for princesses but cool badass unicorns with colorful rainbows that represent all the adorable diverse people out there. That is why my unicorns are (mostly) not a pink little fluffballs but they rock. In this spirit, my unicorn rocks!

And no, you don't have to be gay to like unicorns (but it helps ;).

Behind the secenes - Ideas and Inspiration


Inspirations came and still come from all sorts of areas including a hospital stay, funny encounters with friends and a quirky Canadian TV Show. Get a glimpse into my mind:


very happy unicorn t shirt


"Oops, the needle broke." That is not something you want to hear when you are lying in an OR ready to receiving anesthesia! Fortunately, one minute later I was knocked out and without a care in the world.

Shortly after that I woke up still drowsy and saw a nurse looking down at me , grinning slightly and asking me if I was in pain. It was not bad but I nevertheless got more painkillers. And then it happend! The magic potion started working. It set off a never before experienced feeling of relaxation and pure bliss. As if lying on clouds in paradise.

Back in my room, a nurse looking amazingly similar to Katy Perry was responsible for the totally legal drug supply.

The entire situation led to slightly quirky messages to friends (see image) and resulted in a few happy unicorn designs, most notably the very happy unicorn on clouds.

whatsapp unicorn message

⇒ The idea for "Badass motorcycle unicorn" actually came from the Canadian TV series Wynonna Earp. In an action-packed scene, accompanied by the song "Black Sheep" (Gin Wigmore), the main actress swings herself on a motorcycle and rushes to rescue her sister. The badass unicorn idea was born. Is there anything cooler than a unicorn on a motorcycle?

totally gay unicorn and rhino in love


⇒ The enamored unicorn and rhinoceros are clearly belong to the the gay, lesbian, lgbtq community or whatever is considerd to not be "totally normal" (What is normal by the way?). Love is something wonderful and nothing should stand between two people / unicorns / creatures who are in love.

More coming soon!


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