About myunicorn.rocks

myunicorn.rocks was created by the artist Claudia Sottner to brighten up our everyday lives spread a little more color and craziness. Funny badass unicorns are perfect for this.

Unicorns are unique fabulous creatures. They represent all the adorable crazy people out there who make life worth living.
But our rocking unicorns here are not tame little horses for princesses, but badass creatures with colorful rainbows dedicated to all the special unicorns out there.

With the crazy badass unicorns everyday life is more fun. We recommended the designer to create your own favorite product or gift yourself. You can choose from a large variety of products, add your desired unicorn design and customize it.

To provide the best quality and service, myunicorn.rocks products are manufactured by Spreadshirt and Redbubble. Therefore almost worldwide shipping is possible, and fast processing especially in Europe, North America and Australia is guaranteed.

And no, you don't have to be gay to like unicorns (but it helps ;)

Just be your awesome self and let your inner unicorn rock your world.


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